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5 Ways to Style Boyfriend Jeans

One of the hottest trends out right now are boyfriend jeans. Not only are they super comfy, but they’re versatile as well.  They can be worn so many different ways whether the attire is formal or casual, the possibilities are endless. Now that summer has come to an end, check out the many different ways to wear your stylish boyfriend jeans in fall weather.

1. Classy Chic:

For a more classy sophisticated look, pair jeans with a classic button up and blazer and don’t forget those heels. This look is perfect for going on a date or a formal dinner.


2. Casual Classy:

For a more casual and classy look pair jeans with a blouse, add a bomber jacket, and throw on those heels!

3. Urban casual meets chic:

Want to be casual, but chic at the same time?  Pair your jeans with a plain or graphic tee, tie a jean button up shirt around your waist, and add some heels.



4. Laid back fashionista:

For a more laid-back, but fashionably chic look, pair jeans with a stylish overcoat, sneakers, and don’t forget those accessories. 

5. Intriguingly Chic:

This intriguing but chic look can be achieved by pairing jeans with a plain or graphic tee under a long blazer or overcoat, boots, and a fedora.



Happy Fall Fashionistas! HCXO!


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