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5 Ways to have your space smelling amazing

There’s something about smelling the nice and fresh scent of a home, that can make you feel comforted and at peace. Though the majority of the time you brush it off or don’t pay attention, the scent of your own house tells newcomers exactly what you’re about. Your lifestyle can have a significant effect on the scent of your home as well, which can be good or bad. Eliminating any bad smells will not only freshen up your space but also your mood and mindset. Below are some easy tips on how to make your home smell heavenly.

1.Find the source. And get rid of it.

The key to having your space smell good is executing all foul odors. Any trash or old food should be thrown away outside, so the smell doesn’t linger inside. Remember to clean out your refrigerator. Spoiled food can definitely be an attraction for horrible smells. Also, clean out garbage disposals!



One of the easiest tricks to making your house smell amazing is a stove simmer. Filling an old pot with water and your favorite herbs (thyme, lavender, mint) or citrus slices can easily brighten the room. As well as filling your pot with water, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, and pumpkin spice can have your room smelling like the holidays year round!

3.Lighting Candles


The key to extracting the true essence of candles is to place them in unexpected places around your house. Bathrooms, pantries, and linen closets are great places.Leaving them in these areas and not lighting them will absorb any strange smells that should not be there.

4. Old Vent Trick

This old trick is a foolproof way to making your home smell fruity and delicious 24/7. If you have a vent that you can access, placing dried fruit such ass apricots, papaya, mint, or even mangos between the blades will give your home a kick.

5.  Plug-ins

Plug-ins are a great and quick way to make smaller spaces for your smell great. Placing them in hallways, bathrooms, and bedrooms can easily have your space smelling like springtime or even cinnamon apples.

The key to having a fresh smelling room is a clean/tidy room!



Erin Turner is originally from Los Angeles, California. She attends Valdosta State University as an english/journalism major. Her dream is to become an editor for a hip hop magazine. She enjoys listening to jazz and rap, reading magazines, and being around family. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: wsstco
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