5 Ways To Get Perfect Curls

Now ladies, I know you've probably woken up with your curls in multiple knots and not remembering when was the last time you washed your hair. Have you ever spent hours on Pinterest or Google searching for home remedies on how to achieve those perfect curls? Do you struggle to find ways to "tame the mane?" If so, this article is screaming your name! Let me give you a few tricks and tips on how to get those soft, bouncy, and flawless curls you desire!

1. Don't shampoo frequently

I can't stress this enough. As you may or may not know when you have naturally curly or wavy hair it is beyond DRY (we're talking the Sahara Desert). I know, I know that sounds horrible, but I need you to know that you should avoid shampooing your hair as much as those who have naturally straight hair. Also, shampoo contains various sulfates and chemicals that are bad for your hair. Not only that, but shampoo is meant to remove all the oils from your hair. Girl, trust me you don't want that. If you are going to shampoo your hair I suggest to only shampoo your roots. Don't shampoo all over your hair because your curls will dry out, and this creates breakage. 

2. Moisturize your hair



Since our curls are naturally dry we have to moisturize them! I know some products are a little pricey, but you have to be willing to invest in products that will benefit your hair. What you want to do is plan a little trip to your local beauty supply store or Walmart and go straight to the hair section. Now, here's the tricky part; there are so many different types of products and they range from deep conditioners, to leave-in conditioners, to even hair milks and lotions (no, you can't drink the milk). When browsing through these products you must read the ingredient labels! Aim for products that contain no Parabens, Sulfates, Sodium Chloride, harsh chemicals and dyes! You can also try deep conditioner and hot oil remedies on your hair every 2-3 weeks. By doing this bi-weekly or monthy your curls will be luxuriously soft, defined, and mositurized!

3. Treat your body right



I know that is so cliche and you hear it a lot, but seriously eat right and nourish your body! You are what you eat/drink and what you put in your body is a reflection of you; positive or negative (whether its your hair, skin or nails). If you want to achieve those splendid curls you absoutley have to feed your hair! Now don't get it twisted, I'm not saying you have to become a full on health nut, but don't be afraid to add a little more fruits and veggies here and there! Also, drink LOTS of water! Water is the number one thing that will help nourish your hair. Not only will these tips help your hair get that marvelous bounce and shine, but it will also help your skin glow and you will thank me later! 

4. Treat your hair right

What I mean is treat your hair right in a general sense. I know we don't put that much thought into the way we treat our hair, but it is important. We need to stop neglecting our hair's needs! There are several little tricks you can do that can help benefit your hair such as:

  • When you are brushing your hair in the shower, opt for a wide tooth comb instead of a brush! This will detangle your hair easier, and it will create less hair loss. Also, brushes cause frizz and who wants that?
  • Use cold water when you are rinsing out conditioner. Cold water activates our hair particles for increased growth and it's soothing for the scalp.
  • After showering, dry your hair with an old t-shirt rather than a towel. Cotton t-shirts cause less breakage.
  • Try to invest in a silk pillowcase. Silk decreases frizz, trust me on this.

5. Limit heat usage

I know we all love to feel like two different women whether our hair is curly or straight, but heat tools are causing damage and extreme breakage! Limit the usage of those heat tools, which include but not limited to: flat irons, curlers, blow-dryers and hot rollers. I used to be a frequent user of heat (almost every day) and my hair was beyond damaged and dry. Not only that, but heat can mess up your curl patterns and cause split ends. My advice to you is if you are going to use heat on your hair then use a heat protectant and try not to use it that often! Take breaks in between. For instance, say you're only going to use heat on your hair once a month or even start smaller like every other week and so on. This will create a huge difference in your curls! Not only will your hair be healthier and less damaged, but you can still have that "two different women feel" just not so often! Also, check out Pinterst or YouTube for some additional ideas on how to wear your natural curls instead of diving directly for those toxic heat tools! Besides, you don't need heat tools, your curls are absolutley beautiful!

Alright girlies, just remember to treat your locks with love and know that your curls are naturally gorgeous and don't let anyone else tell you differently! Learn to love your curls and accept your lion's mane. I hope these little tips and tricks will help you achieve those flawless curls! Until next time, HCXO!