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5 Things to Do Before Senior Year

College is a major part of your life. This is the time where most people figure out who they are and what they want out of life. It’s also a time to make memories and build your future. Here are some things that you should get a start on before senior year rolls around.

1. Fully apply yourself academically.

If you want to bring your GPA up, don’t wait until your senior year to do so. Find out what study tactics work for you, attend class and take notes–whatever you have to do to get your grades the way you want it. It’s best to have your grades where you desire so you can finish your senior year with ease and a little less stress.

2. Intern or get a part-time job relavant to your field of choice.

Experience is definitely necessary to make it in today’s working world. There are usually internships/jobs available whether in town during the semester or back in your hometown for the summertime. Depending on the field you want to enter, you may even be able to find a remote internship or job that you can do from the comfort of your home or dorm room. It’s important to have experience to stand out to potential employers and get a feel for the career path you would like to take. Which leads into our next point…

3. Put together a resume.

You should have a resume together before your senior year. It doesn’t have to be a full resume but at least have a template that you can add to. Be sure to be taking steps and the initiative to build your resume. You can always go over to the Career Opportunities office in the University Center if you need some help or would like your resume to be critiqued.

4. Get involved in community service projects.

It’s always good to give back to your community. As one of the few fortunate enough to be in college, take a step back and see how you can help those who may not have the same opportunities as you. There are a lot of organization on campus that do community service or you can pick a community service project to do alone or with your group of friends. 

5. Look at caeer options and narrow down your search.

You don’t have to have your dream job picked out just yet but try to have a general idea of what you want to do. The VSU website even shows what career options your major can allow you to take. You can look up information on these jobs and start to narrow down your options.

6. Get involved on campus. Meet new people!

It’s important to meet people and get to know those around you. For one, networking is important and also this is a time to build lifelong friendships. College is a time that most won’t forget so get out there and meet people. Create memories that will last a lifetime. 

You don’t have to have it “all together” but having these things done before senior year can relieve stress. HCXO!



Michaela Leung is the current Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Valdosta State. She is an honors student studying Mass Media and working on a Cross-Training Certificate in Journalism at Valdosta State University with aspirations to be a music journalist and a news anchor. This New York native enjoys fashion, all kinds of music, socializing, making people laugh and standing up for what is right. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter: michaelaskrunk
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