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5 Starbucks Drinks That Nobody Knows About

The secret menu app that you downloaded to be a little extra might have missed these gems. 


1. Cotton Candy Frappuccino

A VSCO girl’s favorite drink: Order a vanilla bean crème Frappuccino and ask for pumps of raspberry syrup. A sweet twist on this classic, the more pumps of raspberry the sweeter it will be.

2. Blueberry Lemonade

Survive this hot girl summer weather by treating yourself to an iced lemonade with a splash of sweet blueberry juice. This is the perfect amount of tart and sweet.

3. Undertow 

If espresso is too bitter but you enjoy the burst of energy that comes afterwards, then look no further. Vanilla breve with the shots of espresso poured on top. It is basically vanilla milk with a kick, can’t mess it up.

4. Chapple

On a chilly-rainy day this drink is ideal. Order a hot chai tea latte and substitute the milk for apple juice. It has a little spice from the chai and a nostalgic feel from the apple juice. 

5. Black Eye

For the students always on the go, this drink will put a pep in your step. Ask for a regular brewed coffee and add two blonde espresso shots. You will hear the words “red eye” and “black eye” usually from busy people in suits. The drink alone has a classic coffee taste, but if you want it flavored then just ask for the barista to add your favorite syrup!

HCXO! –Nicole

Nicole Mccoy

Valdosta '21

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