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5 Red Flags When Trying To Get To Know A Man

Sometimes you go into a potential relationship naive and unaware. It can be difficult to find the faults in a someone when your feelings for them overshadow the red flags warning you to stay away. It’s good to go into situation’s cautious rather than blinded from reality. Here are some signs to look for that might keep you from falling for the wrong person. 

Red Flag #1

If you are hanging out with them and you hear/see his phone going off a million times… RED FLAG!!! Don’t just assume though, it’s okay to ask or joke about his phone buzzing to see what he says. I bet you nine times out of ten, he’s going to say it’s a group message. So that’s where you take the next step. If all of a sudden his phone just stop going off that means it is probably not a group message with his homies because if it was, there’s no need to silence his phone. It was most likely a girl. Another thing to peep, if he makes an effort to make sure you can’t see his phone screen then he isn’t talking to his homies, it’s a girl!


 Red Flag #2

If your man only hits you up when the sun goes down then…. RED FLAG!!!! That is not your man honey, that is a booty call. A man that is interested hits you up throughout the day, making the effort to talk and see you not only at night, but also while the birds are chirping. Men that are only expecting some action come out at night and baby girl you are worth more than that! If he is not going to respect you then respect yourself and let him go!


   Red Flag #3

If your man avoids seeing you in public then…. RED FLAG!!! Sorry to inform you but that is not your man. There is a difference in secrecy and being lowkey. Being lowkey means you don’t try to be on the scene at all times making sure people know about you and your man. If they see y’all in public then that’s that. If they ask about y’all and you don’t spill all the beans then that’s that. But being secretive is when he makes a point of not being seen with you in public. That’s when you should realize that you might not be his only girl. 


    Red Flag #4 

If your man jumps at the thought of you seeing his phone then….. RED FLAG!!!! Now you shouldn’t go trying to snoop through your man’s phone because that shows him that you don’t trust him. If you casually reach for his phone and he has a heart attack then he’s hiding something. If he doesn’t leave his phone around you then he is probably hiding something. Don’t be fooled by his games. 


 Red Flag #5

You should ask your man a few important questions and if any of these questions are a yes or he hesitates to answer then…. RED FLAG!!!!!

-Do you have any kids? (Some women don’t mind kids so this questions varies).

-Do you have a girlfriend? (You would be surprised how many men are honest about this if you ask).

-Do you talk to a girl?

-Do you have a crazy ex that still wants you?

-Do you have a girl that thinks she’s your girl that hits you up all the time?

You will be amazed at how far these questions will get you, sometimes you just have to ask the right question. 


       Don’t ignore these signs. Look out for yourself before getting your feelings involved because then it can be hard to notice when something is not right. You deserve the best and should not settle for anything less. 


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  Kristina Petty is a sophmore at Valdosta State University. Her aspirations in life is to be a forensic psychologist, beginning her journey majoring in Psychology while minoring in Criminology. She is very active on her campus, participating in many organizations such as Her Campus and on the executive board of the VSU Dance Club. She is from a small town in Virginia with plans to take her degree and travel the world with hopes of making a difference in the lives of others. Check her out on twitter and instagram @blethiopian_
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