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5 New Music Artists to Add to Your Playlist

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut with music. we want to listen to new artists, but we aren’t sure where to start or what kind of music we want. The radio DJs play the same songs every day, and our playlists just aren’t cutting it anymore. Our friends pass us the aux cord and we just sit there dumbfounded.  Do yourself a favor and update your aux cord arsenal with songs from these dope artists. 



1. Nao



R&B music with a side of electro funk- Nao has a fresh sound unlike any other. Her music is perfect for a candle-lit dinner with bae or a long night of studying. Check out her new Album “Saturn” on Apple Music. 



2. Ari Lennox 

Being the first lady of Dreamville Records means you have to be a certified hitmaker and Ari Lennox does not disappoint. Her deep raspy voice and old-school instrumentals set her apart from the pack and make her music for long car rides or casual get-togethers. Check out her newest single “Whipped Cream” on Apple Music.



Another musical duo that’s been blowing up the music scene. THEY. is described as a blend of r&b, hip-hop, rock, and pop. Their music has influences from multiple genres that blend together to create a completely new sound that’s sure to impress your friends. Check out their new single “What I know now (feat. Wiz Khalifa)” on Apple Music.


4. Brent Faiyaz 

Brent Faiyaz may not be “new” to a lot of you, but he’s still worth mentioning. His music is the definition of the word vibe-the sound of the new generation. There’s a clear inspiration from Brian Mcknight, 112, and Usher in his music that brings about that good nostalgic feeling while remaining current. Check out his new album “Sonder Son” on Apple Music.


Summer Walker

Another New school r&b artist bringing a new sound to the table. Summer Walker’s low, sultry voice and empowering lyrics appeal to the 20 something college girl looking for love and not caring what anyone thinks. Check out her newest album “Last Day of Summer,” on Apple Music.

Jada Dukes

Valdosta '18

Jada Dukes is a Senior English-Journalism major at Valdosta State University who was born and raised in Warner Robins. Outside of HerCampus, She's written for the VSU Spectator,  MyGeorgiaHometown Magazine and  SouthGeorgiaToday.com. She's also Editor in Chief for the Student run General Interest magazine, OnTap. Her Hobbies include reading, writing and binge watching TV dramas with a strong female lead. Her largest goal in life is to one day meet Oprah and then become her. 
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