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5 Netflix Shows to Binge Watch (Instead of Studying for Finals)

It’s that time of the semester again. Finals have come around one more time. As we barrel into the last few weeks of school, the time we spend in the library goes up exponentially. Usually, the time we spend binge-watching goes up almost as much as the time we spend studying (and sometimes more). We’ve all been there, brain-dead from going through too many research sources, in need of a new show to take us away from our problems. Luckily, like a procrastinator’s dream, Netflix is always there to save the day. Here are five shows to save you from the end of the year burnout.

1. Chewing Gum

If you’ve never seen a British comedy, this show will be your gateway drug. Follow 20-something Tracy as she tries to get out from under her curb-side preacher mother and lose her virginity. If you’ve ever felt bad about something stupid you’ve done, watch this show. Not only will you get some laughs, but you’ll have something to compare your worst sexcapades to. The best part? A second season just dropped this month on Netflix, so you’re getting two times the goodness.

2. The Get Down

It’s time for a second season. This Netflix original is a musical drama series following the lives of a cast of characters from the South Bronx during the height of disco and R&B. It’s colorful, it’s loud, and it will draw you in. If you’re looking for something unique from anything else on TV, The Get Down is the answer.

3. Twin Peaks

This is your chance to say you watched the original before the show gets its reboot on May 21st. Watch this strange crime drama series now and you’ll get even more out of it when all your friends are watching the new show every week.

4. The Office

A classic. If you haven’t seen the office yet, now is the time! Follow Steve Carell and company through this mocumentary about a failing paper company. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry about Jim and Pam, it’ll be awesome and your homework will never get done.

5.13 Reasons Why

Everyone’s watching it, and I’m sure if you’re not currently bingeing it you’re curious. Avoiding studying is the perfect excuse to see this one. Plus, this is Selena Gomez’s first foray into producing, calling this show a “passion project.” Get on it, Selenators.

Hello! I'm Kelsey, a junior studying journalism at Valdosta State University. I love reading (mostly Plath and Tolstoy), watching comedy shows on Hulu, and going to the beach.
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