4 Ways to Style Your VSU Shirt

Hey, are you tired of that unfashionable VSU shirt that you only brought because you wanted to show school spiirt?!

Well say no more, I have 4 ways you can bring that shirt back to life!


1. Layer it with a cool jacket

If you want to make a statement with your VSU shirt, I suggest you layer it with a cool jacket. I personally think that jackets with cool prints or patches make your outfit stand out. 

2. Wear it as a crop top 

It's okay to show off your belly button from time to time; crop tops will never go out of style. You could cut your VSU shirt into a crop top or just tie it up like the example above.

3. Tuck it in high-waisted jeans or shorts

The model's outfit above is a great representation of the "tucked in look". I love high-waisted jeans and shorts, and I think a VSU shirt would look great with some awesome high-waisted jeans.

4. Wear it with a pleated skirt

If you're going for a sporty look, a pleated skirt would look great with your VSU shirt. Lucky for you there's many pleated skirts with dope prints and colors to choose from. You could also include knee-high socks with this look, if you are feeling super sporty! 

Happy Styling! HCXO