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4 Ways to Keep Your Lipstick from Fading

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Lipstick is an important accesory to any “beat” face, and nothing is more irritating than going into the bathroom and seeing that your make up is starting to fade! Here are some tips to help your lipstick last longer and stay put throughout the day


1. Prep and Prime

It’s important to moisturize your lips before applying lipstick. Exfoliate your lips using your toothbrush or an exfoliating scrub to rub off any dead or cracked skin. When you’re done use a chapstick that has at least SPF 15 for protection. This step alone allows your lipstick to lay even and smooth.

Mary Kay’s Satin Lips Mask is a great mask to exfoliate dead skin cells make your lips feel soft.

2. Conceal Your Lips

As an option, after you prime your lips and moisturize them, try using a concealer the same color as your skin. It creates a neutral base for the true pigment of the color to show. It evens out your natural lip color for a flawless application! Lip liner in a neutral nude color also works the same way.

3. Coat Your Color

For those of you who prefer a glossy look, apply a thin layer of lip gloss directly over your lipstick. After the gloss, coat your lips with lipstick again. This will keep the color from fading as fast as it would otherwise.


4. Blot the Color

For those of you who like a matte look, apply your lipstick and blot any excess from it with an oil blotting sheet or tissue. A translucent powder or baby powder will also hold the color in place. Repeat this step while applying the color and blot until you get the color you want!



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