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4 Things to Have on You At All Times

In lieu of all the recent and frequently occurring robberies on campus, we decided to give a few tips on how to keep yourself safe on campus!

A Buddy

We’ve been taught ever since elementary school that there is safety in numbers and it still holds true to this day, regardless of how old we get! Never venture out on your own. If you absolutely have to, make sure someone knows where you are at all times.

Mace/Pepper Spray

It’s very important to have some form of protection with you at any given time. Mace and pepper spray are very cheap and can be found most places. We will also be giving some away at our event this Thursday! They can be put on your keys for easy access, which you should always have on your person (because when do you ever go anywhere without keys?).

A Phone

As if it isn’t already strapped to our hands, you should always have your phone. You need a way to be in touch with someone in case of an emergency. 

A Flashlight

These Valdosta nights are dark and you never know when you’ll need a source of light. Luckily with the technology of our time, there’s one built into our phone. As trivial as a flashlight might seem, it might come in handy in the times you least expect it!

While these are just the basics, there are many things you should have with you to ensure your safety. Always be aware of your surroundings and avoid going out late at night. Be careful, collegiettes! Life is precious, so avoid putting yourself in any danger. #HCXO


I'm Felicia Burnett! I am a sophomore at Valdosta State University. My major is Exercise Physiology but I have a deep passion for writing!
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