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4 Summer Jobs for College Students

Summer! Every college students’ favorite time of year. From hitting the beach to hanging out with friends to simply catching up on sleep, summer is a much desired break for all. Summer is also a good time to earn extra cash. Many college students spend their summers more productively by finding jobs. Here are 4 jobs that any college student can get in order to have a little more cash in their pockets.

1. Restaurant Services/ Server

Do you have an outgoing personality? Love working in a fast pace environment? Want to have money in your pockets after every work shift? Being a server may be the perfect summer job for you.

Working in food service is a natural fit for college students who are social and enjoy interacting with others. You can be a part of a team while further developing social skills and earning money.

One of the most popular restaurant jobs is working as a server. As a server, you will take orders, serve food and beverages to customers while providing great customer service. The perks of working in a restaurant include flexible hours, food discounts, and of course… TIPS!!! It’s a win-win for a college student looking to earn extra cash.

Besides working as a server, other restaurant positions include host/hostess, busboy/busgirl, and cooks. Working in the restaurant business can be a fun summer job as you can work in a team environment, make new friends, and create new summer memories.

2. Lifeguard

Being a lifeguard is a perfect choice for college students who are strong swimmers. You get to work by the pool or beach and hang out with friends!

A lifeguard can earn $9- $10 an hour. In order to become a lifeguard, you should have your first aid certification, CPR certification, blood-borne pathogen training, basic water rescue skills, and of course, know how to swim.

Being a lifeguard requires a high maturity level and quick decision-making skills. While it is a challenging position, becoming a lifeguard can be one of the most fun summer jobs a college student can have.

3. Babysitter

If you have a nurturing spirit and love children, becoming a babysitter might be the perfect summer job for you. As a babysitter, you can come up with inventive and fun ways for you and the kids you’re supervising to enjoy your summer while providing a safe, happy environment.

Babysitting is one of the most popular and most needed summer jobs. With websites like care.com, there are countless jobs in your area. Starting pay for a babysitter is $15 an hour, and you can earn more with multiple children.

You can earn jobs as a babysitter by posting your resume on care.com. To attract business, having your CPR or first aid certification can help to boost your résumé. Networking with family, friends and neighbors is a great alternative to earning business.

Becoming a babysitter is one of the most traditional summer jobs and simplest ways to earn a little extra cash.

4. Retail Salesclerk

Love clothes? Have an interest in technology? Well working a retail sales clerk is the job for you. As a retail salesperson, you get to sell clothes, shoes, electronics, or other products directly to consumers. You get to help customers find what they are looking for.

While you may have to give up some social time, jobs in retail are typically flexible, so they will not interfere with summer school. You also get the perks of receiving employee discounts, which helps with your back to school shopping as well as great pay.

So for all you fashionistas or tech-savvy college students, working in retail is perfect for you!

There you have it. Four summer jobs that any college school can obtain. Working during the summer allows you to develop skills that can be transferred to any job. Not only can you enjoy your summer vacation, but you can also earn cash as well!

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