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4 Signs You’re Forcing the Friendship

Don’t force what’s not meant to be.

Most of us like getting to know different people and some might even want to be accepted by all. There comes a point where sometimes it seems forced. If you are trying to become friends with someone, don’t force it. Here are a few hints to know when you are forcing something.

1. You are always there without an invite

Have you ever noticed yourself being with girls or guys every day, but realizing you have to ask them what they are doing? They do not invite you or call you first, but you always end up with them, and sometimes late because it has already started. And let’s not forget, sometimes they do not even reply.

2.They do not talk as much

You can feel the vibe in people and that is no doubt. A lot of us try to ignore it, but if it’s been happening for a quite a while, it’s time to make a change. It’s true that everybody isn’t comfortable with everyone, but if they seem happy and joking prior to you walking up and then the whole room turns gray, walk away.

3. You all only hang out if you are with someone else


When I say this, I mean your friend introduces you to some more people for you to gain friendships, but in the end, without your friend, you all aren’t friends. If you and your friends’ friend can go out and hold a conversation without your mutual friend, you all are becoming friends. But if you try to hang out and talk with that person and they aren’t the same without your mutual friend, they are just not that into you.

4. They do not change

You tell your “friends” your concerns and your issues with them and they do not change, they do not care about your feelings. You are just there because you want to, not because they care for you to be. If anything, they try to change you.  

Everyone isn’t meant to be your friend. Find the crowd for you, and if not you always have yourself. Don’t force yourself, you are to bomb for that! Anyone will be lucky to have you as a friend!


Saabirah Breneus attends Valdosta State University. She is a junior majoring in mass media with hopes to become a new anchor. Saabirah is from Boston, MA but now lives in Jonesboro, GA. She is an amazing dancer, who also enjoys writing and telling stories very much. Saabirah loves being center of attention with all eyes on her.
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