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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Settle For a Relationship

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

As we get older we cling to the ideology that dating gets easier. We hope that guys will mature and want to settle down instead of wanting to sleep with every walking thing. Sure, it’s wishful thinking in today’s society, but as women, we’re hopeful beings and we try to remain optimistic through it all. Yes, sometimes it seems that dating today, to sum it all up is completely “hopeless,” but it’s important to remain optimistic in a world full of pessimistic people. Don’t let go of being a hopeless romantic, trust me the right guy will come along when it’s the right time. I constantly remind myself that no matter how lonely I get, its never a good idea to hit up sweet, but not so attractive Johnny. You know that one guy friend who always tries to make a pass on you, but you respectfully decline his offer every time, that’s Johnny. Don’t get so caught up in wanting a relationship that you lose sight of what you’re actually looking for in a man. Sure your Johnny may be nice, but it’s not a good idea to lead him on and play with his emotions if he’s not who you’re looking for. Just because you feel like you’ve exhausted all your relationship options it’s never a good idea to settle for a relationship and here’s why.


You always compare him to other guys.

Sure, you’ve convinced yourself that he’s the guy for you, but every time you see a gorgeous guy walk by you constantly compare him to them. You can’t forcefully mold him into your perfect guy. Chances are he’s just not the one for you!


You always second guess yourself.

You’re always thinking what if, or what else is out there speculating if you made the right choice. You could be enjoying your relationship, but you choose to constantly think about the what ifs. 


Everything he does bothers you.

Because you weren’t initially attracted to him to begin with, those oh so annoying habits of his that you hated before becomes ten times worse when you’re actually with him. He’s still the same person he was before yall started dating, so if you think those annoying habits will just miraculously disappear you’re wrong.


Being single isn’t so bad.

People always associate being single with being lonely, but that’s not always the case. Sure, you don’t have a designated cuddle buddy, but being single doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Think of it as a way to explore yourself. Find out what you like and dislike, take the time to actually enjoy your own company and find happiness within yourself. Stop looking for a man to fulfill your happiness. Before you settle for a relationship where you’re going to be unhappy, get to know yourself. Once you get to know yourself on a deeper level you won’t settle for anything short of amazing.


Let sweet, but not so attractive Johnny find his own happiness with someone who loves and adores him, and of course doesn’t refer to him as “ sweet, but not so attractive Johnny.” To her he’s the guy of her dreams, and not a quick detour or placeholder until the real thing comes around. So remember to be optimistic and don’t settle, because your prince charming may be closer than you think ready and willing to shower you the love you’ve been craving!



Her Campus at Valdosta State.