4 Must Have Items For Fall/Winter

Fall is here and winter is near!

I'm not that excited, I actually hate the cold, but it is very true that is is easier to warm up than cool off. So, all we have to do is bundle up and wear warm clothing! Here is four things that I believe every girl should consider getting for these seasons:

1. Earmuffs

A lot of people don't like them, but they are great!! They are something easy to grab and trust me, it keeps your ears from freezing! I know, people usually like hats better, but ensure you that earmuffs are great for those who don't wear hats.  They are cute and you can get it in any size, shape, color,or form. They also have those cute fur headbands that'll hide your edges.

2. Scarves

I know we all love scarves and majority of us already have them but let's talk about how amazing they are! They come plain and with designs, fur or silk, multicolor or stripes, it is just great! You can throw on a plain tee, sweater, jeans and boots. Once you put on an extravagant, beautiful scarf that makes your outfit stand out from "just jeans, shirt and boots," it'll make your fit look so much better. 

3. Long socks

Socks themselves are just *heart eye emoji.* First, if you are somewhat like me and like to still wear shorts and skirts in the fall/winter, you can either steal her whole outfit because it is just POPPIN, or go to long socks to keep your legs warm! Just like the other two items above they come in so many colors, lengths and designs. They have holiday ones, girly ones, plain ones, fur ones, unique and different ones! And they look amazing with boots! 

4. Oversize sweaters

My fav! Again, I don't like the cold, so the first great thing about oversize sweater is I can put my arms inside and just cuddle myself and warm myself up. You can actually be creative with it too, throw one side off the shoulder why don't you? Tight sweaters are cool, but they don't feel like you have your boyfriends sweater on, best feelings ever!