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4 Must-Have Apps for VSU Students

Mobile devices are becoming more prominent in students’ academic lives. Students today use school apps to obtain information about schoolwork, academics, local news, and popular restaurants. Valdosta State University seeks to create a special guide for their students through hands-on, easily accessible apps. In order to survive college life, VSU has access to four apps that every students should download to manage and guide their everyday college life!


1. BlazerNation

For students who want a one-stop app for school survival, BlazerNation provides easy access to campus services. Created by Valdosta State University students, BlazerNation helps to serve the students.

By using your Android, Android tablet, iPhone, or iPad, you can access BlazeView, Banner, online accounts, parking portals, e-mail, athletics, quick contacts, maps, and BlazeList. This is also VSU’s quick access to new and used furniture, textbooks, electronics, and other things a student needs to survive. (Available for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, and Android tablet; cost: free)


2. The Spectator

The Spectator is access to Valdosta State University’s student newspaper. For those who want information about school news, The Spectator delivers this to students, staff, and faculty. 

Built with a tile board style, the app provides local news and information at a moment’s notice with notifications and local settings. The Spectator app has an “Offers” section that allows access to discounts and specials near you. Students can also provide news to the Spectator by using the QR code scanner. (Available for: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, and Android tablet; cost: free; no registration required)


3. Tapingo

Finally! A food app for college students. Tapingo allows you to place food orders at both on and off campus restaurants. You simply place your order and pick it up when ready. You can also use Tapingo for delivery by placing your order and waiting for your delivery to be brought to you!

You can explore your local city by discovering the best restaurants on and off campus. Need to pay for food? Use your campus card or credit card. Add items to your menu and customize your order with one tap. Pay for food with the “Tap to Pay” button in an instant. Reorder your favorite foods over and over with Tapingo. Enjoy one of the best food apps college students could ever have! (Available for: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, and Android tablet; cost: free)


4. VSU Walkway

Ever felt lost on campus? Need to know how long it takes to walk from one campus building to the next? VSU Walkway is a hands-on app that shows VSU students where and how long it takes to get from one building to the next. 

You can access the school map to discover your location or select from the list of buildings. You can discover your position on the map to determine your destination and location as well as the distance and time from one building to another. VSU Walkway is the mobile map of the new ages, and every VSU student needs to download it! (Available for: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, and Android tablet; cost: $0.99)

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