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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Meal prepping is one of the best ways to give yourself some free time during the week, or start off a diet change. When your meals are already prepped for the week, you’re a lot less likely to grab fast food on the way home from class, and avoid those tempatations! Here are a few ways to stay concious and be successful on your nutrition journey. 


1. Start off slow

Ladies, let’s be realistic. It’s impossible to just jump into something new and be a pro. We are all super busy with our school work and jobs, so don’t be hesitant to start off slow. You can start with meal prepping for one or two meals of the day, or only prepping your dinners for the week. Don’t be afraid to repeat meals, and don’t stress yourself; eventually you’ll get the hang of it and won’t have to think twice about how you’ll manage.


2. Cook simple meals

Stay in your means, and stick with the meals that you know how to cook well. Pinterest and Facebook are also full of videos that walk you through meals step by step, so check those out for ideas if you need some. Use spices and seasonings to spice up your routine meals too!


3. Don’t waste your money


On the Sunday night before you prepare your meals, think about your upcoming week. Save your money, and don’t make meals for the nights you’ll be at work, or at a friend’s birthday dinner.

Frozen fruit cups are also some of the best healthy mid-day treats, so if you’re fruits are ever going bad just freeze them! Cooked meats can last for a few months in the freezer too! Also, try to plan your meals around interchangeable ingredients that you can use for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; like chopped spinach, lettuce, chicken breasts, and tomatoes


4. Stay organized

It can definitely be difficult to have roommates and keep the fridge in order, so Ziploc bags and Tupperware will take you a long way. Grab clear containers of different sizes and with dividers so you can see what’s there, and save leave room for other people. Good containers are also super important in keeping your food fresh for a longer period of time!

For the meal prep beginners, try out these hacks and let us know what you think! :)


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