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4 Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation is slowly, but surely approching, and you’re probably wondering what your last hoorah will be. For some of us, after we graduate, it will be a long time before we see our college friends again, and we want to spend the last few days with them. A graduation party is the perfect way to end the school year and have an awesome time with the people you love before you’re in the real world!

1. Vision Board Party

A vision board party is the perfect idea for those of you who are very goal-oriented. Vision boards are a great way for you to organize your future and have a visual to motivate you day to day. Decorating one of these with friends, music, and some food it will definitely get your creative juices flowing!  You and your friends can give each other awesome ideas for your boards and even put each other on your boards!

2. Cap Decorating Party

Before you graduate, decorating your cap is a must! Get together with your friends and classmates and decorate. This type of party is also very affordable, because you can buy the art supplies from Dollar Tree or Walmart. The designs that you can put on your cap are limitless, and the best part about a cap party is that, not only will you be having a great time, you will also be creating something unique that represents your accomplishments! 

3. Old Fashioned Slumber Party

There’s nothing like an old fashioned slumber party with your besties! Sleepovers are where you can talk about what’s new in pop culture, dance, eat junk food, and give your girls a make over. Sleepovers also bring you closer to your friends, so take this time to reminisce on your college experience. To make this party a little less juvenile, just add some drinks and some games to the mix! That’ll definitely spice up the festivities! 

4. Wine Tasting Party

As young adults, we like to enjoy the things in life we were unable to participate in at a younger age. Wine is no exception to this! Having a wine tasting party with your close friends is a great way to feel grown up and sophisticated while chit chatting with each other. Wine tasting can be exciting, because there are so many different types of wine to choose from and experience, and you never know what topics of conversation might surface while drinking them!


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