3 Ways to Reignite Your Creativity

If you create art of any form, whether that be a sketch, painting, poem, dance, film, song, etc., you are an artist. You do not need to win awards or even share your work to be an artist. You just have to create. All my fellow creatives out there know, it's not always that simple, however.

As many times as artists experience the high from receiving a rush of creative energy, they also experience those dreaded dry spells when the creative juices just aren't flowing. Creative burnout is even worse when due dates are breathing down our necks. Here are 3 steps to reignite your creative passion and get back in your groove.

1. Stop Trying to be Perfect

When we've created projects we're really proud of in the past, we can be hesitant to tackle a new project in fear of not living up to prior expectations. Also, we can be afraid to make artistic decisions in fear of choosing the wrong path. Remember, THERE ARE NO WRONG CHOICES IN ART! Knowing that your creative choices will determine what art is ultimately put into existence can place unnecessary pressure on us when creating.

To get over these fears of falling short or being "wrong", we have to stop thinking and just do. Throw some words on the page. Put some moves on the stage. Make a decision and see where the art leads you.

2. Immerse Yourself in Art

As an amateur or professional in your craft, experiencing others' art is a must to receive inspiration. Find a poetry reading, art gallery or dance concert to attend. Don't be afraid to look at art outside your craft as well. Before choreographing a dance, I will search for poetry, photographs or paintings related to my concept and discover novel ways to view my aesthetic values or artistic voice.         

Getting back to the basics can also help get those creative juices flowing again. Taking classes, going to workshops or reading articles is important no matter how advanced you are in your craft. 

3. Don't Look at Your Art as an Obligation

You get to create something unique that did not previously exist in this universe and would not have existed the same way without you. You don't have to.

Yes, there is school or work projects that call upon our creative skills and that must be done to get the grade or get that coin. However, if you look at a project as an obligation rather than as an opportunity, your creative burnout will be harder to overcome. 

Every time you are called upon to create is an opportunity to grow as an artist. Seize every chance with passion not dread.