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If you’re still one of many people struggling to make friends this semester, no worries! I’m here to provide five ways you can make friends in college. My mom always told me my college friends will be my lifelong friends. So hopefully, my tips will help you find your lifelong gal pals in crime.

1. Go out to campus events!

Some campus organizations, such as Valdosta State Her Campus, have several events that allow for open discussions, bonding activities, and good conversations; thus allowing you to make connections with others.

2. Make nice with your roommates!

I know you guys have heard horror stories about bad roommates, but there are also stories where people make good friends with their roommates. It’s always fun to have a cute sleep over and do other fun roomie activities. Just be sure to get to know your roommates on the first day so that you can be comfortable around each other.

3. Turn classmates into friends!

The people you take classes with can also become good friends. Just by asking questions about a confusing topic, you’ll quickly catch yourself laughing and making jokes to one another about how hard or easy a class will be this semester.


Hopefully, these three tips will be beneficial in helping you make lifelong friends. I know things like nerves and social anxiety can play a role in whether or not a person may be able to make friends; therefore you’ll want to put yourself in situations where you may be forced to talk. College is all about making everlasting memories, and no one wants to make those memories alone. Peace and love people! I wish healthy and happy friendships for everyone!

Kylah Gilbert

Valdosta '20

My name is Kylah Gilbert. I am a 20 year old Juniorish at Valdosta State University. My writing is an insight to who I am as a person. So welcome to me as a person.
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