3 Unsigned Artists You May Not Know, but Will Grow to Love!

If you are anything like me you are always looking for the next best thing and while popular music is fun, there are many artists out there who are not getting the credit they deserve. Why you ask? Some speculate it is due to the fact that they are working independently from a label. Many artists choose not to sign with a label because the politics of the music industry cloud the craft. Music like all forms of art are best delivered organically and without restraint, freedom of expression is a must for the best music. So all hail the unsigned artists and here's three artists you should check out just to get you started!

1. Chance the Rapper 

Chance the rapper has been taking the music world by storm!! His first mixtape titled 10 Day was recorded and released in 2011 after a ten-day suspension from his high school for possessing marijuana on campus. Talk about artistic genius! Since then he has released Acid Rap in 2013 and has done numerous collaboration projects with The Social Experiment, including Surf and most recently co-wrote and appeared on Kanye West's Life of Pablo album. Did I mention all of his music is free?! His biggest work yet has been his album Coloring Book released May of this year with an extravagant festival and tour, The Magnificent Coloring tour which is currently taking place. Besides being a talented artist he is heavily invested in making his hometown of Southside Chicago a better place for all who live there. Truly the people's champ, ladies and gentleman do yourself a favor and listen to Mr. Chance the Rapper.

2. Noname 

Formerly known as Noname Gypsy, she is most known for her appearance on "Lost" a song on Chance the Rapper's Acid Rap. I mean it's only right that the greatest Chicago has to offer works together, but the verse on that one song is but a mere taste of what this powerhouse is capable of! Also, a Chicago native she has been rapping and doing slam poetry since 2010. Her SoundCloud features songs such as "Baby," "Take You Back," "Dizzy," "Rapper's Only", and "Hold me up." Besides having an amazing flow her haunting voice and mind-boggling metaphors will leave you floored! You can listen to her first mixtape, Telefone, released July 31st of this year on Soundcloud. Do yourself a favor and check it out!


3. Mosey Sumney

Okay, if you have not heard of Moses Sumney you are doing yourself a disservice. This is an artist who leaves his audience in a trance with an amazing falsetto and unparalleled rhythm created with clicks of his tongue, snaps and handclaps and a simplistic performance that you'd be crazy not to appreciate. He's the type of artist who truly believes that the music speaks for itself. He's been featured on Solange's mixtapes, performed at major concerts such as South by Southwest and the Roots Picnic and has a new EP titled Lamentations out September 30th! You can also find his most popular songs on SoundCloud including songs like; "Pleas," "Dwell in the Dark" and my personal favorite, "Plastic." Take the time to be transcended with the tranquil tunes of Moses Sumney, oh and by the way, you're welcome!