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3 Tips for Young Voters

The presidential election is scheduled for November 8th which means a critical decision has to be made. Here are some tips on voting. 

1. Do your research on the presidential candidates

​ Don’t waste your vote on someone your family, friends, or associates told you to vote for. The worst kind of voter is one who has not reviewed the type of person they are voting for. The best thing to do is to look at the past debate or research the candidates on multiple news sources, so you won’t get bias views. 

2. Register to vote 


The last day to register to vote in GA is October 11th. You can even register online. If you are old enough to vote your voice and your vote matters. Do your research and register to vote. If you don’t live in GA here is a link to look up the deadline in your state. 

3. Research of your community leaders 

See what your community is lacking and what leaders are planning to offer the community in the upcoming months and years. Change whats affecting your backyard and then you can change to whole world for good. 


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