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3 Sitcom Moms I’d Love to Befriend

Ever had someone tell you “Oh my gosh, your mom is so cool!” I never would have thought I’d be one of those people to say such a thing, but I am. As I watch my favorite weekly TV dramas, I always think “I could totally be friends with your mom.” Though these aren’t “real” moms they portray their characters so well that we believe they are. The television mothers that appear on our screens can sometimes remind us of our own mothers or they are the kinds of mothers we aspire to be one day. From families, to sitcoms, mothers play a big role. So here are some cool TV moms I wouldn’t mind going for Starbucks with!

1. Cookie Lyon

Empire’s own Cookie is one of the best friends/moms you could ever have. She is loyal and always keeps it real. Ms. Cookie is a strong believer in tough love because she loves so hard. From fighting for her family to fighting with her family, you can’t help but to want to know her. I can definitely imagine the amount of “tea” in one lunch with Cookie.

2. Kathryn Kennish

Switched at Birth’s Kathryn Kennish is a caring and nurturing mother. She will make dinner for five and still make it to all your high school track meets. She will volunteer at your school play and make all of the costumes. She is what you think of when you think of the typical TV mom, but Mrs. Kennish also has a wild side. The scandalous books she writes make you think twice about judging a book by its cover.  I’d love to go to a spa for a day with Kathryn and drink strawberry smoothies by the pool.


3. Gloria Pritchett

If you have seen Modern Family you can’t help but to fall in love with Gloria. Her Latin flavor and odd parenting techniques are why we love her. She may not cook dinner but she always supports her family. She is always willing to help whether her help is needed or not. Her vibrant personality draws you in every scene she is in. I’d love to go on a shopping spree with Gloria and listen to her over the top life stories.


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