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3 Signs That You Should Loc Your Hair!

3 Signs You Should Loc Your Hair.


1 – You’ve tried the fro, but it’s a no go.

I have tried to grow out my hair so many times, only to get frustrated with the nightly twists, trims, and other maintenance that comes with natural hair. I loved the look of my hair but hated the work it took to achieve even the most decent hairdo! That’s why I decided to loc my hair.

I wake up, I spray/oil my hair, and then I go on about my day! The only other maintenance I do is wash my hair weekly, but depending on your hair type, you may not even have to that!

2—You like to be both versatile and consistent.

If you’re anything like me, you love to switch it up, but you also like to keep things the same. For example, I own very similar, very minimalistic clothing pieces that I love to spice up with the most random things. If this sounds like you, then I believe that you would love locs! Locs are extremely versatile. There are so many hairstyles that you can do with locs. But within that, there is a simplicity that also comes with locs. You can style them or you can wear them.

3—You enjoy “taboo” or “unorthodox” looks.

It would be a lie not to admit that locs aren’t considered the “right” look. Even fro’s receive a lot of scrutinies. So of course, locs would experience the same! I feed off of the shock of others when I don’t conform to societal beauty standards. If you also enjoy making “others” uncomfortable, then AH-HA! Locs are for you!




Markesia Barron is a senior at Valdosta State University. She majors in Middle Grades Education concentrated in Language Arts and Reading. After graduation, she plans to become a middle school Language Arts teacher in the Metro Atlanta area. Markesia enjoys writing, reading, super-hero movies, and meditating outside. She's a big Beyonce fan and self-care enthusiast.
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