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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

We all know relationships can be difficult depending on the couple this fact also goes for friendships as well. Friendships can be just as hard, trust me! Friends are just important, and everyone needs a friend they can call on. Not everyone you choose to befriend will not be great friend and that is okay, not everyone has to like you. That is when you simply stop that person from having access to you and move on to make room for better friends. Some people do not even notice that their friends are being true to them. They try to overlook all the signs of neglect in the friendship, so here are three signs you need better friends.

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Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

1.They are disrespectful.

No matter what, people should always show respect to others even if they are your friend. Real friends respect each other. It is not right for people to disrespect you especially if you consider them your friend. People who disrespect you do not care about you, even if they say they do. If you feel someone is not respecting you, have a conversation with them about the issue. If they feel like they are not in the wrong after you expressed how you felt, then it is a sign you just need to cut ties with them and make better friends.

2.If it is always competition between you two.

You always feel yourself in a competition match with your friends. They always want to outshine you when the light is on you because they do not like that you have the spotlight. This is a sign that your friend is threatened by you, so they feel like they must outshine you to validate themselves, showing they are better than anything you do. This is not a healthy friend behavior, quickly cut ties with people like that.

3. They always put you down.

If you always find your self lifting your friends up but your friends put you down, then its most likely you need better friends. You meet up with your so called friends and you give them a compliment but when its time to give you a compliment they always have something negative about you. If you find any friend of yours putting you down, then they are jealous of you. It is always best to stay away from people who are jealous of you.

Making friends can be hard, but there are people out there that can be a true friend to you. Put yourself out there to meet great people like yourself. When you find new friends, look for qualities inside of them that you find in yourself that you like about yourself be open to different type of people you never thought you would ever be friends with. This helps eliminate people who do not have good intentions. Once you find the right people around you, you will truly understand the true meaning of friendship. Always know that you are worthy of love even when it comes in friendship form.

Bonny is a transfer student from Georgia Military College, having obtained her associates degree in communication science in Summer 2020. She then transferred to Valdosta State in Fall 2020. She is now a mass media major in her junior year, looking to experience media like she never dreamed of! Bonny's hope that someday her work reaches you and many more.