3 Reasons Why You Should Be Friends Before Dating

Many of us do not know what it feels like to truly be in love. Reason being is that we try to measure up to the unrealistic relationships portrayed on television. We tend to jump into relationships without being friends first, therefore forfeiting our chances of truly getting to know the person first. A relationship's compatibility should be based on more than just looks. That is if you want it to last.  Knowing the ins and outs of a person’s personality is a key component, it makes dating so much easier. Taking the time to build a friendship before actually dating can lead to an awesome relationship. Check out these three reasons why being friends first can be beneficial to your relationship.

1. You're comfortable with each other

Being friends before dating makes your relationship a whole lot easier. It’s easier to converse with one another and conversations will surely not fall short. Being comfortable and not feeling awkward around each other is a key component. And will truly make your relationship stronger and last a lifetime.


2. You’ll have fun together

You’ll enjoy each other’s company and no matter what activity you may have planned you will have fun. It’s nothing like being able to let your hair down, have fun, and just be yourself around  the person you love.


3. You’ll truly know each other

The ultimate benefit of being friends before dating is truly knowing the person. You’ll know their family history, what makes them sad, happy, or mad. You will know a lot about them which will lead to a happy and healthy relationship. If  for some reason the relationship fails, you will always have that friendship to lean back on.