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3 Positive Instagram Accounts to Follow

Sometimes social media can play a large role in how we act, see ourselves, and how we view the world. It is important to live mindfully and openly to what comes our way each day, and to help with this I have found my top three Instagram accounts that post daily positive pictures and quotes. We live in the age of international news being fed to us daily via apps, it is nice to see nice positive reminders… Enjoy!

Rupi Kaur @rupikaur_

Rupi Kaur is the mother of famous poetry book “Milk and Honey.” She posts when she is on tour for her books and she takes pictures of her poetry that makes for perfect cellphone wallpaper! Her poetry is soothing to read in the midst of a news black-hole and usually has an underlying theme of feminism!

Jay Shetty @jayshetty

I first found out about Jay when I searched “Motivational Video” on YouTube, and this is actually how you will feel after you follow his account. He provides the best advice on both Instagram and YouTube through videos instead of pictures. He is basically a walking Ted Talk.

The Good Quote @thegoodquote

This is a broadcasting and media production company: “Advocating wellness, self-care and self-development through literature and discussion.” Their account does not have an aesthetic theme but it does have a mix of quotes, pictures, and videos that will warm your heart and automatically put you in a good mood!



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