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3 Perks of Women Making the First Move

So you’re standing in line at the grocery store and you notice a very attractive man standing directly in front of you. You eventually make eye contact with him and he occasionally looks back at you and smiles. You stand there looking pretty in hopes of him approaching you, but he never does. The clerk eventually checks him out and he’s on his merry way. You stand there asking yourself why he didn’t speak to you or ask for your number. Ultimately jumping to the conclusion that he’s either not interested in women, didn’t’ find you attractive, or has a girlfriend; never considering the fact that he might just be a little shy, and afraid of rejection. As women we’re taught that we aren’t supposed to approach men; we’re supposed to just stand there, look pretty, and hope they get the hint. Men love the chase they say, and by approaching them we’ll seem desperate. It is 2017 and it’s perfectly fine for a girl to approach a guy she’s interested in. Sometimes in life you have to go against the norm and go after what you want, even if that means making the first move. Check out these three perks to defying the norm and approaching men.

Confident Woman:

Think of making the first move as a challenge. You are challenging yourself to do something you’ve never done before. When a women approaches a man they become surprised; it’s not something that happens often. Approaching him not only makes you look extremely confident, but it actually builds your confidence as well.


Go Getter:

Sometimes waiting for a guy to make the first move is frustrating and as a woman you have to take matters into your own hands. By approaching him it shows that you’re a take charge type of woman who knows what she wants, and most men find that extremely attractive.


What Friend Zone:

One of a man’s biggest fear is being rejected and put into the friend zone after pouring his heart out to the woman he loves. You making the first move shows him that you want to be more than just friends.

  So the next time you see a guy you think is cute shoot your shot and don’t miss out!

Happy dating collegiates,


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