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3 Great Products for Natural Hair

Having natural hair can be a very hard task. There are so many different types of natural hair and curl patterns like curly, kinky, wavy, and coily. There are also a lot of different natural hair products to choose from. Getting the right natural products for the right curl pattern hair can be very difficult and very expensive. Natural hair products range from $5 to $40+. Trying out so many natural hair products can have you exhausted and your pockets empty.  Below are a few products that worked well for me and will hope fully work well for you . 
1.Coconut Oil is great for all types of natural hair. Coconut oil is great for conditioning, deep conditioning, and moisturizing. Coconut oil ranges from $5-$10.
2. Beautiful Texture’s shampoo and leave in conditioner is great for natural hair. The shampoo lifts the dirt from your hair while leaving your hair soft and the conditioner moisturizes. All of the products for beautiful textures range from $5-$10.
3. Dr. Miracle’s products are specifically made for ethnic hair. The products leave the hair feeling soft and healthy. They range from $5-$20. 
Hope these work!


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