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3 Great MAC Lipsticks for the Fall

Fall is the time to bring out the warmer clothes, higher boots, and a fresh face of make up. There are plenty of make up trends for fall that can seem a little hard to get a hang of. On the other hand, lipsticks are easy, fun, and a little more user friendly. Here are a few Mac Cosmetic lipsticks that will look great with fall fashion.

1.ANTIQUE VELVET (an intense brown color): This intense brown color will bring out the earthy tones of fall. The brown will look great on any skin color especially when it’s paired with the right liner.




2. BRONZE SHIMMER (a golden bronze lipstick with some shimmer): The golden bronze brings out the yellowish metallic color similar to  the falling autumn leaves. This lipstick will be great to wear with a neutral outfit and will add an extra pop of color.

3. DARE YOU (a brown mixed with red): This lipstick is a deep brown reddish color. The red isn’t bright enough to take you out of season, but it’s just right for the fall. The brown is perfect to make the red more calming.



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