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28 First World Problems That Shouldn’t Be Considered Problems At All

Is the “struggle” really real? Or are you exaggerating? 

1. You have money to blow but nothing on the Forever 21 site is appealing.

2. Your phone died in the middle of lecture so you actually have to pay attention to what the professor is saying.

3. Instagram is down and you have an awesome selfie to post but you have to wait to upload it.

4. You realize your friend doesn’t have an iPhone so you can’t text them from your MacBook.

5. You lost your remote so you have to get up and manually switch channels on your flat screen television.

6.  You don’t have any phone service so you have to pay attention to things around you.

7. You don’t have exact change so you have to break a big bill.

8. You have a closet full of clothes but never have anything to wear.

9. You have a fridge full of food but you have a taste for something different.

10. The Starbucks barista forgot to add whipped cream in your Frappuccino.

11. You wake up before your alarm goes off.

12. Gas was $2.05 yesterday. It’s now $2.07.

13. You changed your email password so you have to re-enter it into all of your devices.

14. You go into Walmart for one thing and end up leaving with a cart full of other items.

15. Your earphones are tangled.

16. It’s raining and you want to wear your Uggs but you don’t have the protective spray for them.

17. Your package arrived a day later than expected.

18. Your oily face is ruining your perfectly applied makeup. 

19. You don’t have any more skips on Spotify and the next song that’s playing is one of your least favorites.

20. You accidentally picked up 2% milk rather than whole milk at the store.

21. You want to text while you’re driving but you keep hitting green lights.

22. You’re full but you don’t want to save the leftovers for later.

23. You want to work out but you just got your hair done.

24. Your new shoes haven’t been broken in yet and you plan on wearing them out this weekend.

25. You’ve watched all of the good television series on Netflix and you don’t know what to do.

26. Your significant other got you the wrong box of tampons.

27. You accidentally close out a tab on your web browser and you’re using Safari.

28. You want Chick-fil-A but it’s Sunday.

Sometimes it’s hard to recognize the privileges we have as citizens of a First World nation, especially in comparison to those living in Third World countries. Sure, we may experience hard situations and we find ourselves in uncompromising positions but the majority of the time what we experience or complain about usually doesn’t compare to those who are faced with far worse. Be thankful collegiettes, because there is someone out there who’d love to walk a day in your shoes :).


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