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20 Hard Decisions Girls Encounter

As girls we go through so much everyday and making decisions actually becomes an extremely difficult task! From stressing over our outfit for the day to deciding whether to step outside with our toenail polish completely chipped, we battle with several different struggles (insignificant or not). I am here to say that you girls are not alone! Here are some stressful decisions that you may be familiar with!


1. Makeup or no makeup


2. Bikini wax or use the old faithful razor


3. Work out or be a lazy bum


4. Get an eyebrow waxing/threading or wait another week


5. Spend your last dime on takeout or eat ramen


6. Text that loser or pout about refraining from texting that loser


7. Eat a salad or devour a cheeseburger and fries


8. Take that one last tequila shot or exercise better judgment


9. Put gas in the car or carefully plan to not go anywhere for a while

10. Step out with the girls or be a couch potato


11. Curse out that girl you don’t like or save her from your psychoticness 


12. Wear a bra or be a free spirit


13. Shave your legs or walk around like Chewbacca’s sister


14. Online window shop or actually buy clothes worth your entire paycheck 


15. Atrocious hair day or fabulous hair day


16. Valencia filter or sepia filter 


17. Clean your room or begin your life as a hoarder


18. Tweet “Where’s bae?” or tweet that you’re independent and don’t need a man


19. Arrive to class/work 5 minutes early or never show up to class/work


20. Wear a matching bra and panty or the complete and ugly opposite


Whatever your choice may be, may the odds ever be in your favor!


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