13 Things Muslimahs Are Tired of Hearing

All Muslim women or Muslimahs face the same struggles, living in a place where there are few Muslims, if any. You would be surprised at some of the things Muslimahs hear on a daily basis, but we promise we're not making this up! Here are some things people say that make us Muslimahs wanna rip our hair, or Hijab, off!

1. "You know I've never seen your hair before?" "What does your hair look like?" "I don't see how you do it, I love my hair too much."

2. "Aren't you hot under that thing?"

3. "So where are you from?"

"Well where are your parents from?"

"Well where are your grandparents from?"

4. "Are you going to let your husband have more wives?"

5. "Do you wear your head scarf in the shower?"

6. "Have you ever taken that thing off when you're away from your parents?"

7. Non-Muslim: "Now you know you're not supposed to be showing that, you're Muslim!"

8. "Don't you wish you could celebrate Christmas?"

9. "So when you fast during Ramadan, you don't eat for the entire month?!"

10. "I bet you hate not being able to eat pork."

11. "Will you have an arranged marriage?"

12. "So your people did 9/11?" 

13. "Would you be Muslim if your parents didn't force you?"