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13 Memories from Your “Emo” Phase

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Middle school was a tough time for all of us. Stuck somewhere between childhood and our teenage years, no one was really sure what to do with themselves. If you spent the seventh grade listening to AFI and Paramore, shopping at Hot Topic, and writing “RaWR <3" on your friends' MySpace pages, this one's for you. Here are thirteen things you might remember if you had an emo or scene phase:


1. Heavy, raccoon-like eyeliner


2. Checkered belts, especially with studs 

3. Band tees from Hot Topic


4. Black nail polish (to match your soul)


5. Aggressively singing “Welcome to the Black Parade” (okay, maybe I still do this)


6. Unnecessary zippers and chains on your clothes



7. I don’t even know what this hair is called….


8. Can’t forget the neon highlights 


9. Wearing fingerless gloves year round


10. Wanting snake bites, but your parents wouldn’t let you get them


11. Being obsessed with Hello Kitty for some reason (???)


12. Your MySpace probably looked something like this 


13. Black clothes were the only option (this definitely hasn’t changed)



Preyah James

Valdosta '18

Preyah is a senior studying briology and journalism at Valdosta State University. Originally from Riverdale, GA, Preyah is president and Campus Correspondant for VSU's chapter of Her Campus. When she's not studying for a genetics test, Preyah loves to cook, read and watch Game of Thrones. Post-graduation, she plans to pursue a career in science writing and journalism, hoping to work for National Geographic. 
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