10 Things All Women Should Know

1. Wash your bloody underwear.

Ladies, we all have accidents during that fateful time of the month. If this happens, there is a simple way to fix it. Wash your underwear in the sink or bathtub with cold water and soap/laundry detergent. and it will help alleviate stains.

2. Know where to put your perfume

Ladies, there is a difference between body spray and perfume. Body spray has a wider sprayer and perfume is stronger. Please, ladies, don't just spray the perfume all over yourself, put it on your clavicle, on your wrists, behind your ears, and behind your knees. So when you walk by and hug people they smell your perfume. 

3. All Feminine Soaps were not created equal

All feminine soaps aren't good for you ladies, and it can be hard to find the right soap. Some can mess up your pH balance, instead, put a cap of apple cider vinegar in your bath. It helps regulate your stuff and keep your cooter tight. Vagina soap is only for external use, and please don't douche.

4. Self-Esteem is important

Positive affirmations help but don't let other people's opinions of you shape your opinion of yourself. You're going to end up very unhappy, and full of doubt. Remember, confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear.

5. Boob sweat

If you have larger breasts then you have been plagued by this problem. To eliminate boob sweat try baby powder, Argon oil, or panty liners.

6. If your headscarf won't stay on your head...

If you're a wild sleeper use satin/ silk pillowcases, so your hair is still protected when your headscarf comes off. That way when you betray yourself in your sleep, you're slightly less upset about it.

7. Minimum slay Maximum effort

A well-moisturized face plus mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick will make people believe you have on a full face of make-up

8. Shea Butter is life

She butter works miracles. It helps smooth elbows, feet, and it gets rid of razor bumps. You can also put it in your hair, so if you haven't invested in Shea butter, do that.

9. Masturbation is completely normal

Ladies, how are you ever going to know what you like if you don't find out yourself? Orgasm is something you should experience, and who is more experienced with your body than you? Don't be afraid to masturbate, it's perfectly normal and healthy.

10. Treat yourself delicately

Women are soft creatures by nature, from our hair to our skin. When taking care of yourself, it's okay to break out the kid gloves and handle yourself with care. Brush your hair gently, massage yourself while putting on lotion, and pat your face with your fingers after washing your face. Take time on yourself, like you've been hired to groom royalty; because you are. Love yourselves ladies, and treat yourself nicely.