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10 Purse/Bag Must-Haves for Every College Girl

What do you carry in your bag? Want to know how to always be prepared for anything that life may throw your way? Here’s a few things every collegiate woman should carry in her purse/bag: 

1. Money/WalletWhether it’s for a much needed shopping spree, a bite to eat, or an emergency cab ride, every woman should have a little cash in her purse. Because everything involves spending a little money, always carrying cash or a card can be very convenient. If you don’t have anything else on this list, be sure to have money!

2. Lip BalmAs women, we have all had those moments where we felt like our lips were under construction and were way too ashamed to show them. This is one of the worst feelings ever, to have chapped lips. To combat this, carry a lip balm, Vaseline or even lipstick could do.

3. AgendaAs college students, our days can get very hectic and we may forget many things. To always stay reminded of your schedule and important dates, keep an agenda in your purse. There are also many pocket sized agendas, too! 

4. Cosmetic/Make-up BagEven if you aren’t a makeup junkie like most of us, cosmetic bags are a purse essential for any woman. They can not only hold your daily makeup products, but also toiletries for personal use (pads, tampons, wipes, etc.). 

5. Hand Sanitizer/LotionLet’s be real girls, there is nothing worse than talking to someone while using your hands to emphasize and looking down to realize that there’s tons of ash/dry spots. Lotion is always an important item to carry everywhere. Hand sanitizer is also a key essential for those day-to-day random moments our hands get messy (or if you’re a germ freak).

6. Gum/Breath MintsFor those moments when schoolmates approach you just as you’re leaving the dining hall with food breath, gum or mints could be there to save you.

7. MedicineWe all have that monthly visitor that comes with painful guests. Having pain relievers like Tylenol or Ibuprofen can help ease the pain if it comes while away from your dorm/apartment. 

8. PensKeep pens in order to save yourself from those “May I borrow a pen?” moments during school. 

9. Compact MirrorUs girls have a tendency to always want to appear flawless. Always carrying a compact mirror can help uphold that image, whether it’s to check your teeth after eating or moving that one stray hair back behind your ear. 

10. ShadesGoing to school in Valdosta means many hot and sunny days. To keep the sun away and out of your eyes on the way to class or out on the weekends, always keep a case of shades. 

I hope this list helps you understand why each of these items are must-haves to carry throughout your day at VSU!

Pre-Nursing major at Valdosta State University. Free spirited.
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