10 Disney Movies You Forgot About

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In a generation of "Netflix and Chill" why not chill with some of your favorite classics. 

1. Brink


The movie that instantly made you want to go out and buy a skateboard

2. Life- Size

Who wouldn’t want a real life Barbie?

3. Double Teamed


The story of Heather and Heidi Burge and how being really awesome at sports can make for a great movie.

4. Gotta Kick It Up

After watching this movie you knew America Ferrera was going to be a star.

5. The Color of Friendship

Yes…yes to everything this movie stood for.

6. Up, Up, and Away

This movie made you wonder if your parents were probably undercover superheroes.

7. Johnny Tsunami

Trip to Hawaii anyone?

8. Jumping Ship

All three Lawrence brothers in a movie? Umm, yes please!

9. The Ultimate Christmas Present

I’m still waiting for Santa to bring me a snow machine.

10. Alley Cats Strike

Bowling just became a lot more intense.