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1. Healthy Recipes

Variety of recipes that helps you use products that you already have or easily can get. They are also simplified in order to easily make in a short time.


2. Cool Ideas

Moving into a new place or simply want to re design your current place? There are many ideas to make your space personalized and unique.

3. Organization

Calling all neat freaks – this is the perfect place to figure out ways to make your space tidy and organized. This could range from your closet to a tiny spot on your desk.


4. Outfits for Any Occasion

Whether you are starting a new job or need an outfit for a date, there are many mix and match options that can guide you to mix up your wardrobe.

5. New Do’s

Sometimes, all you need is a change. Choose from any cuts, styles, lengths and colors.

6. Sweet Treats

We all have a sweet tooth. You can find fun treats to make for yourself or to bring to a party!

I'm Claudia Gebhardt and a senior at UWM - graduating in May 2017. I am fortunate enough to be starting a full-time position at Bon Ton Corporate, Downtown, Milwaukee as an Assistant Merchant in June 2017!
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