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What Growing Up With Sisters Taught Me

I am the youngest of three girls in my family. Although you would think because there were three of us that the fighting would be endless, but surprisingly we got along for the most part. I would say I hold my sisters closer to me than anyone else in this world. Being the youngest of three I have learned so much from both of my sisters. I have been taught the true meaning of loyalty, forgiveness, and strength. Some of my best memories are times I have spent with my sisters. I know the relationship I have with them is non-comparable to the friendships I have.

LOYALTY: For starters, my sisters have shown me and taught me the definition of loyalty. No matter what type of situation you are in with life, they have your back and will stick up for you more than anyone else. Your sister will be by your side in any situation. Whether it is sticking up for you in those tough teen years and bullying in school, or being there to vent to when your parents ground you, or there for you when you are crying after a break up. No matter how near or far you may be from your sister/s you know they will be there to back you up and have your back.

FORGIVENESS: Having sisters also comes with having forgiveness. Like I mentioned earlier my sisters and I (surprisingly) did not fight that often. But if we did fight, we knew it wouldn’t last forever. Friendships can end in fights, relationships can end in fights, but most of the time, fights with your siblings don’t end your relationship forever. Forgiveness is the key to having a good relationship with your siblings and helps you stay close!

BONDING: There is nothing quite like the bond you have with your sisters! My sisters and I spend 80% of our conversations quoting movies and song lyrics. I know if anyone else were around to hear us they wouldn’t understand what we are saying. Along with our weird movie quoting we also just spend so much time talking about old stories and memories that make us laugh over and over again.

LAUGHTER: I can say there is NOTHING like the laughter you have with your sisters. Especially if you are like me and you laugh almost the exact same as one of them. Some of the conversations I have with my sisters have made me laugh more than anything else. They’re the type of people you can laugh with until you cry and you have absolutely no shame about it. Your sisters are the type of people who can laugh at you for all the crazy things you do and be there to support you even in your biggest mistakes.

BEST MEMORIES: Your sisters have been there since day one. There is no doubt that they are the people you have some of the absolute best memories with. From growing up and playing sports with each other, to making home videos with, to sharing all the best holidays with, growing up with sisters has made me feel extremely lucky. At times we might not have gotten along but I think even with none of us living together anymore we have some of the strongest bonds ever. I will be forever thankful for always having sisters and the endless memories that come with them.

Growing up with sisters can be hard at times and it might not always be easy but in the end you know the bond you have with your siblings is stronger than any other. I am lucky to have two best friends who will be by my side in any situation and will drop whatever they are doing to help me at any time. I can’t imagine what my parents went through to raise three girls but I am forever thankful for the relationship I have with them!

Just a small town girl from Illinois eager to jump into a big world. A UWM student studying Communication with a minor in Journalism and Media Studies. Once I see what I want, I will not stop until I get it. I love everything from being outside in the middle of nowhere to being smack dab in the center of a big city. I am very passionate, hard working, talkative, and thoughtful. I am always down for great adventures and I am excited to see where living in Milwaukee takes me!
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