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To The Senior Not Graduating

It’s that time again, school is back in session and everyone is hitting the books and trying to adjust to their new schedules. As my 4th year is swinging into gear I unfortunately am not participating in the excitement of everyone else with finally reaching senior year of undergrad. As only few know, I recently changed my major to studying social work. I do not regret my decision at all for I am so very happy that I have finally found my passion and what I want to sustain as my future career, even if it did take me this long to figure it out. With this being said, I still have one more year left in store for me before I completely finish my undergraduate degree at UWM. Although, I will not be graduating with some of my friends I have been so close with for the past several years here in Milwaukee, I know the decisions to follow my own dreams is what is most important.

Society often makes us feel like we always have to be in a rush to figure things out. When we were 18, we were expected to find a decent college to attend and finish our degrees in 4 years. But what the world never really tells us is how to make ourselves happy and why doing life at our own pace is totally okay. It took a long time for me to realize how important my future was and how I was the only one that was in charge of what came about it. It is such a great feeling that I finally feel confident in my own career and path to success and whether that takes someone 4 years or 6 years, it shouldn’t make a difference.

Although I do feel slightly sad about not graduating on time, I am so happy for all of my friends who have worked hard these past 3 years and, of course, for myself. Just because it takes someone longer to get to where they want to be in life, doesn’t make them any less successful. I came in proud to be part of the class of 2018 and I am even prouder to be part of the class of 2019. I have learned so much about myself these past several years here at UWM and I can’t wait to kick 4 years butt and finally reach the goals I am have been working on for so long.  


Just a 5'4" independent and free spirited woman, easily inspired and always smiling. While I'm not on here spilling all my thoughts and writing my heart out, I thoroughly enjoy drawing, blogging, adventuring and of course dancing around in my underwear and eating mac and cheese. It's the simple things in life that truly make me who I am. I currently reside in Milwaukee, Wisco and inspire to be a pediatric nurse.   
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