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Places Worth Exploring: MKE

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWM chapter.

Adventure, entertainment, and great deals await check out these seven MKE gems worth exploring.


Black Cat Alley:

If you’re on the hunt for a perfectly Instagrammable location look no further, BCA is the place for you! A new-ish addition to Milwaukee’s East Side, Black Cat Alley has turned a once dark and dreary alleyway into a colorful canvas! Featuring larger than life murals and a plethora of different artistic styles, BCA is definitely worth checking out. At the very least you have to, “do it for the ‘Gram”… at least that’s what I hear the youngsters saying these days.  


Swing Park: 

Pop-up beer gardens and outdoor movies, this nifty little park is a fun place to spend a summer night! Located on North Water Street, this park is nestled amongst many of MKE’s hippest neighborhoods. Once you’re swinged-out take a stroll across the large wooden bridge connecting the Brady St area to the other side of the Milwaukee River for some lovely sights.  


Sendiks on Downer: 

Yes, Sendiks is a chain of grocery stores in Milwaukee. And yes, maybe it’s weird that I’m urging you to visit, but you know what, I have no shame because Sendiks on Downer is awesome the shop is packed with charm featuring a hot deli case worthy of a feast and quite possibly one of the best bakery selections in the area. Not to mention, they’re very generous with their samples, what’s not to love?  


MKE River Walk/Urban Ecology Center:

The Urban Ecology Center is a little slice of nature in the middle of a concrete jungle. Visit and rent some outdoor gear, volunteer for a river cleanup or hang out with some of the many local creatures in the nature center. However, the best thing about the Urban Ecology Center are the hiking trails along the Milwaukee River. It’s easy to spend a few hours winding in and out of these trails soaking in the scenery and forgetting you’re in the middle of the city. Bring your mountain bike, or hike with a group of friends for a little TCL with Mother Nature.  


Mod Gen: 

Whether you have a green thumb or every plant you attempt to nurture shrivels up and dies, Mod Gen has something for everyone. Mod Gen is a 5-star adorable shop in Milwaukee’s Third Ward offering an abundance of plants and pots, quirky MKE memorabilia and other odds-and-ends trinkets you never knew you needed.   


Goodwill on Oakland Ave:

Take a note from Macklemore and “pop some tags”, the Goodwill on Oakland has a ton of awesome goodies waiting to be discovered. Better known as the go-to place for ugly Christmas sweater needs and Halloween accessories, I can vouge for the fact that this Goodwill is packin’ some awesome day-to-day clothing options too. Due to the high number of college students living in the area, it’s easy to find cute and fashionable lightly-worn clothes.   


The Miramar Theather:

Speaking of Oakland Avenue, the Miramar Theather is an interesting little venue. Check out their website for a listing of upcoming events and shows. I recommend attending the monthly performance from Deadman’s Carnival where you can see sideshow acts, burlesque dance and a random oddity or two all accompanied by a rockin’ live band.