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New Girl Season 7 Premieres April 10th

New Girl is coming back!!! On Tuesday, April 10th, the final season of New Girl will air and we will be reunited with our favorite loft gang once again. Cece and Schmidt are expecting parents, Nick and Jess are lovers and let’s not forget about Winston and Ally, whom are finally roomies. Not only did producers leave a lot up to imagination, but provided so many new storylines, our hearts could combust. Here are my five New Girl Season 7 predictions:

1.       Season 7 will be all about the memories

Not only have Jess, Nick, Winston, Schmidt and Cece lived in the same loft but have 6 seasons (estimated about 5 years) worth of memories. The flashbacks will be real and don’t even think for one second that Reagan won’t come back (ugh, she was the worst). Everything is fair game in the New Girl memory vault.

2.       Lot’s of babies

Cece and Schmidt are having a BABY!! That’s baby 1, baby 2 is the twin to baby 1. Let’s be honest here, Cece will have twins. If the show includes any insight into the future, you best bet Jess WILL be a mama and Ally is visible pregs in the previews so I’m just going to go out on a limb and predict at least 4 babes.

3.       Future scenes


The memories will need to be matched with future memories. Maybe the producers will throw in a little future blurb about how all the babies grow up, and all move into a loft of their own? Can anyone say spinoff?


4.       Cece will be that mom


Cece, queen cece, will be that mom who simultaneously drinks wine at the kid’s soccer practice.


5.       Winston will meet his dad


The 2nd biggest theme of the final 6th season was that Ally found Winston’s daddio. Well not his actual dad but supposedly his dads phone number. As we saw in the final episode, Winston left his dad a voicemail and I think this could be one of two things. 1. Hid dad is the diaper bandit 2. Winston will meet his dad and walk into the sunset (best bet is #2).

Tori is a senior at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where she is majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain Management with an minor in International Business. In her free time, Tori loves searching for the cheapest way to travel the world, drinking obscene amounts of coffee and read up on all the new fashion trends. Not to mention her love for Pinterest and attempting new DIY projects. Do you need travel inspo? Or maybe restaurant recommendations? Follow her on Instagram, @tori.sweeney !
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