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Little Things to Do at the Beginning of Each Month

If you are anything like me, you totally hate the feeling of being in a rut. And when a new month rolls around, it can be easy to slip back into old habits and lose track of your goals. However, if you attempt to change this all at once, it can be a bit overwhelming. Setting a strong routine is helpful, especially if you are just entering a new journey in life (such as college, career, or moving).

These are some little life changes you can do at the beginning of every month to stay organized, motivated, and keep your life ever changing.

1.    Setting Goals

Keeping your dreams and aspirations present in your mind will help them become reality faster. Sitting down each month and writing out your goals can help keep you motivated to complete them. Your goals can be long-term, or something that could be attained by next week. Nevertheless, you should write them down and keep them near for constant checking and inspiration.


2.    Process Your Feelings

We don’t always take time to evaluate our emotions. We can easily push back feelings of stress, unhappiness, and anxiety. You don’t want to take your emotional baggage from a bad month into the next, as it can set the tone for an equally as draining month. Asking yourself questions such as “what made me happy this month? What made me sad?” and “where can I improve? What can I let go of?” can help ensure a positive start each and every time a new month begins.


3.    Go Through Your Clothes

Most people, if they remember, do this twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall. But don’t be afraid to make it a monthly habit. Be brutally honest with yourself about what you wear and what you like. Make three piles: donation, sell, and keep. Place your clothing into these piles as you go through it to stay organized and maintain efficiency. After you are done, show some love to what you have! If you have a button that needs to be sewn or tights that have been ripped one to many times, go out and fill in where your new closet is lacking to keep yourself and your clothes looking fierce and perfection.


4.    Take on a Challenge

Much like New Year’s resolutions, monthly challenges can be difficult to keep. No matter the challenge – sleep more, exercising, eating healthy, staying off social media, etc. –   a new month is the perfect time to start. 4 weeks is short enough to reach, but long enough to make the challenge gratifying. And who knows, maybe the challenge will turn into a new lifestyle. So go ahead and start and see where the month takes you!


5.    Have a Date Night with Your Planner

While most of us use our phones to keep track of life, having a planner can make a huge difference. Having something you can take out and check off will help you see your month play out, and keep you super organized. Speaking from experience, having a planner has shown improvement in my life as well as my work, as I can plan for what is coming up. And let’s face it – having an organized schedule makes you feel like the boss girl you really are.


6.    Cleanse Yourself & Your Space

The term cleanse sounds scary, I know, but aside from the physical benefits you may get with a juice cleanse, there are many ways to cleanse your mind and space. Going through old papers and bills are just one way to clear your space. You could also finally organize the dreadful junk drawer or make a To-Do list for the month. Even something as simple as meditating, praying, or writing in a daily journal can help keep you calm and saying “namaste”.


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