How to Successfully Transfer to The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Transferring to another University can be a daunting task and one that is emotionally challenging. However, there a few simple ways to easily feel part of the UWM campus. Below are some helpful tips to make this transition easier on yourself.

  1. Talk to an advisor more than once. I talked with my advisor one time and she really didn’t help me at all. My advisor provided me the same information as the transfer student orientation leaders did. Make sure you talk enough that you can develop an action plan to get credits transferred, appealed, and that you are taking classes that you must take, not ones the university says would be helpful.   
  2. Understand that UWM is not a typical college. UWM has amazing academics, is culturally diverse, and has some awesome organizations. However, it is important to remember a lot students are commuters or adults returning to school. So the student body looks different than other Universities.  
  3. Sports are not a big thing here. UWM may be a division one school, but our athletics are not as popular as other D1 schools. We do not have a facility on-campus to house big games, but the arena is right downtown so it's an short bus ride away. However, the soccer fields are on-campus (acutally, in the middle of campus) but lack a lot of seating so make sure you get there early! We do not have a hockey or football team. WHAT?? A D1 school without a football or hockey team? This was a shocker for me when I arrived on campus.. But you will get used to watching other teams on TV and occasionally stopping by a UWM game or two if there is free food or shirts. 
  4. UWM is extremely diverse. This campus is amazingly diverse and is why I transferred here. However, understanding diversity and different cultures can help the adjustment to this campus lifestyle be easier.   
  5. Explore the city of Milwaukee. I’ve been here almost 2.5 years now and let me tell you, I am still discovering the amazing things going on in Milwaukee. Between Summerfest, food festivals, music festivals, the art museum and all the amazing places to eat in the city, you will never be bored! 
  6. Get involved. Join student organizations, volunteer, be a part of your community! UWM has so many amazing opportunities for anyone. Do yourself a favor and join a student org, they help you feel a part of something bigger than yourself and can really help you meet people!