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Holiday Travel 101

With family all over the Country, I’m pretty much the holiday travel queen (not to brag or anything). Trains, planes or automobiles, you name it I’ve used each and every source of transportation possible during the months of November, December and January. Here what I learned along the way and how you can put the ease into travel.

1. Fit everything into a carry-on!

I know this is easier said than done but TRUST ME.  I’m the type of girl who packs 20 outfits for a 5 days trip (you never know when you’re going to need a fancy dinner dress or possibly date night outfit with your fav celeb crush… or is that just me?) therefore I over pack more often than not. The other great thing about using a carry-on is bring a same sized tote purse to put all the loose ends in! Plus when everything is with you, you don’t have to worry about the airline losing you bags or having to wait at baggage claim after your flight! Stick to the golden rule: if a trips more than 10-12 days, check a bag. If a trip is less than 10-12 days, use a carry-on.

2. If somethings important, DON’T CHECK IT

We have all heard the horror stories of people’s baggage getting lost and never found again.  It is even worse when there is something very valuable such as jewelry. If it has any sort of sentimental value to you and you would not be able to replace it or couldn’t live without it, just put it in your carryon/purse.

3. Wear your biggest/bulkiest things on the plane

After years and years of trying to squeeze everything I possibly can into my suitcase, I have learned that it is much easier to fit more things when there aren’t bulky sweatshirts, hats and shoes in your suitcase.  So wear WHATEVER you can on your plane ride there! On a trip back from Italy to the US, I wore a winter bomber jacket, evening dress, black boots and my heaviest necklace (this happened in May).

4. Pack extra under garments

On vacation, you NEVER seem to have enough underwear, am I right?  Never pack the exact amount of underwear/per day you will be on vacation.  You will find yourself running out by the end of the trip.  No one really knows why, but you just never seem to have enough underwear.  And since underwear tends to take up the least amount of room, I always pack at least double the amount of underwear/per days I will be gone.


This is a great idea if you are trying to fit everything into a carry-on or a small bag. By pre-picking out your outfits, it prevents you from adding in extra tops/pants that are taking up unneeded space and you probably weren’t going to wear anyways. Plus, it saves you the stress of having to pick out your outfits while you are on vacation! Aka, don’t pack a fancy dress or possible date night outfit “just in case”.

Tori is a senior at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where she is majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain Management with an minor in International Business. In her free time, Tori loves searching for the cheapest way to travel the world, drinking obscene amounts of coffee and read up on all the new fashion trends. Not to mention her love for Pinterest and attempting new DIY projects. Do you need travel inspo? Or maybe restaurant recommendations? Follow her on Instagram, @tori.sweeney !
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