Haunted MKE

If you're looking for a real life Ghost Adventure experience this Halloween look no further! Milwaukee is home to a handful of historic haunts that are sure to satisfy your paranormal itch. 

Shaker's Cigar Bar

Voted the 5th most haunted bar in the nation, Shaker's is a Milwaukee gem. With a gruesome history starring the Midwest's biggest and baddest mobster Al Capone, it's easy to imagine why the spirits at Shaker's still go bump in the night. Treat yourself to one of their guided tours and learn more about Milwaukee's dark past. Featuring: brothels, murder and crime, oh my! If you're feeling extra brave you can even spend the night. Between a few "Death in the Afternoon" cocktails and cigar or two you might be able to get some sleep. 

The Milwaukee Public Museum 

Between the ancient artifacts and the convincingly lifelike displays, the Milwaukee Public Museum feels like the perfect place for a haunting. Thanks to former museum director Stephan Borhegyi it just might be. In 1969 Borhegyi was tragically killed in a car accident on his way to work. Despite not making it in that day it seems Borhegyi is still a fan of the MPM from beyond the grave. For your chance to have a ghostly encounter of your own make the trek to the museum's third floor. Rumor has it Borhegyi still lurks the halls, sending chills up visitor's spines. Common spooky occurrences include sightings of a sporting a dark cape and elevator cars that just won't behave. 

Grant Park- Seven Bridges Trail

From giant cryptids to disembodied screams, Milwaukee's Grant Park has plenty of ghostly stories to tell. Much of the action occurs at the Seven Bridges Trail. Upon visiting the trail the mood is instantly set, a sign above the first bridge reads, "enter this wild wood and view the haunts of nature". If that doesn't send a chill down your spine nothing will. Sadly, this lovely trail has been the final destination for a handful of visitors as many suicides have been reported there over the years. Today, hikers describe seeing bizarre glowing lights paired with blood-curdling screams in the distance. There have even been reports of a giant praying mantis lurking about making this MKE destination feel like something straight out of the X-Files. 

The Pfister Hotel 

When professional athletes are ditching their rooms in the middle of the night it makes you wonder what's going on behind closed doors. This downtown Milwaukee haunt has left countless people sleepless and spooked. This location got attention from ESPN and Sports Illustrated after baseball players reported watching doors open and close on their own, strange voices and pounding on the walls. It's speculated that former owner Charles Pfister accompanied by his loyal dog roam the halls of the hotel, wreaking havoc throughout the night. 

The Rave 

Who knew ghouls like rocking out just as hard as the living? This Milwaukee concert hall is infamous for the strange activity taking place. The Rave has undergone quite the transformation since it's early days. The building was built in 1927, it was owned by the fraternal order of the Eagles. Although you wouldn't know it today, the building once housed a bowling alley, pool and gymnasium. The Rave is said to be haunted by various children who drowned in the pool. Sadly, this area is blocked off to visitors however, it's rumored that touring bands often ask to take a look at this gruesome site.