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Halloween is for the MUAs

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWM chapter.

One of my dreams right after graduating college is to be as flawless at contouring as the Kardashians. As much as I love fashion and clothes I think that Halloween is for the makeup artists. As Cady Heron insightfully said, “In girl world, Halloween is the one night a year can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” While some elaborate costumes are impressive and could take home best dressed prizes all night, sometimes they’re just not practical.


Any one going to the same concert as my boyfriend, stop reading and go as an Ewok..


1.       Good luck trying to go to the bathroom, let alone fit in the bar bathroom in your Frappuccino costume, Katie. With a leotard, all you have to do is pull open a couple buttons like on a baby onesie and you’re good to go.

2.       It’s way too hot. I made the terrible mistake of wearing a sweater to a frat party last week because it’s chilly out now and immediately started sweating through it. You do not want to be miserable and sweaty on one of the best party nights of the year.

3.       Free drinks. On any other night of the year you dress to get free drinks so why shouldn’t you do the same on Halloween (again one of the best party nights of the year). 10/10 guys will buy drinks for the girls in lingerie and some kind of animal ears rather than the any of the original versions of costumes (ghost vs sexy ghost).

Halloween is the time to spend 5 min on your clothes and about 2 hours on your hair and makeup. For example, I’m going as a reindeer this year and I’ve already started contouring for the cutest baby reindeer face and curling strategic pieces of my hair for the perfect woodsy messy bun.

One of my idols is Kandee Johnson, is queen at costume makeup. She could literally pass as a Kardashian double with just an hour of makeup and magic. I also have my eye on her Barbie look for a second Halloween costume idea.