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Five Things I Have Learned From The Vampire Diaries

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWM chapter.

Everyone has that urge to binge watch a blood wrenching-love enduring show. The Vampire Diaries is just that; especially on those nights when you crave your favorite foods and that special somebody, a.k.a. the “cuddle buddy” (who is currently either unavailable or nonexistent). Now that The Vampire Diaries is completely coming to an end this 2017, it’s time to look back on the most important things we have learned from this gripping show. I know from my past that it isn’t hard to get attached to this show because it truly becomes a remarkable journey through each character’s life.  

Lesson 1: Love can be worth every minute of it. 

When isn’t there a love triangle, a sad break up, or just a shocking death of a loved one in each season? I learned that just because falling in love can be tricky – a.k.a. falling in love with your brother’s girlfriend- or if you just aren’t completely right for that certain somebody, there is always TIME to go for it. Time to embrace the feelings and to let life surprise you with the love that you deserve. I mean, Damon met Elena first in that parking lot and after waiting for a couple of months, she truly let herself fall in love. However, be careful for those evil heretics. They may end up coming out of nowhere and put a spell on you that destines you asleep forever.  


Lesson 2: We all may or may not have a doppelganger. 

Doppelgangers or not; I learned that even if there is any chance of someone out there in the world that may slightly resemble you, you are JUST you. There isn’t anybody like you. So work with what you got. Love yourself. Let yourself embrace your flaws because you are created to be who you are, and not to compare yourself to others. Elena did a lot of comparing herself to Katherine, but we all know Elena and Katherine are nowhere near alike. 

Lesson 3: Being someone’s ex doesn’t mean you can’t be friends. 

Through horrible breakups and even one-night stands, two individuals can still come out as friends. There might be some slight tension but the memories between the two of you have been made. You can live on with each other and still care because there is nothing wrong with still being there for someone that it just wasn’t meant to be with… even it was pretty steamy.  

Lesson 4: Trust has to be earned- Bonnie and Damon. 

Getting stuck in a prison world may seem like the worst way to spend your days, but clearly it sparked a newfound friendship between Bonnie and Damon, who we know were never really “friends” at first. Sometimes, people will put up a guard to protect themselves from being hurt, because usually they have been hurt in the past. So be patient with everyone, because friendship bonds are work. They don’t come easy.  


Lesson 5: Don’t be afraid.

An accumulating problem in the show is how many of the characters lose family and friends that are so dear to them, which basically occurs in every season. In life, it is extremely hard when a loved one passes on. It is one of the worst feelings any human will have to endure, but I learned that we shouldn’t be afraid to keep living. It may be your loved one’s time or it could be a shocking accident but there is always a plan. Even though it seems so scary taking on the world without them, you are strong. You can breathe and focus on the life you were dealt because the memories with those special people will make you stronger.  

Hi I’m Jess and basically there’s always something up with me. I currently reside in a cozy apartment in the city called Milwaukee, Wisconsin; where I either spend most of my time making collage messes while binging a new show or taking a bubble bath while stuffing my face with food in one hand, and trying to read in the other. I’m a photographer, blogger and adventurer. I am inspired by my midwest roots and free spirited dreamer attitude that makes me who I am today. I like to live in these moments and create and live freely through this amazing thing called life. I’m driven to share and write about basically anything in my life because it’s truly remarkable how small the world actually is.
Tori is a senior at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where she is majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain Management with an minor in International Business. In her free time, Tori loves searching for the cheapest way to travel the world, drinking obscene amounts of coffee and read up on all the new fashion trends. Not to mention her love for Pinterest and attempting new DIY projects. Do you need travel inspo? Or maybe restaurant recommendations? Follow her on Instagram, @tori.sweeney !