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Thanks to Freeman facial masks, I have powered through a very stressful day by taking time to focus on cleansing my face! Normally when I wake up my face is oily and I tend to do a just do a quick rinse of my face and then apply my makeup. However, today I started the morning off using the rejuvenating mask by Freeman. The Mask takes about five minutes and by the time I rinsed it off, my skin never felt more alive,  it was bright and wasn’t dry at all!

As I fast-forward into my daily routine I notice that my makeup tends to flake off. Sometimes taking it all off and starting over is the best option to feeling the best about ourselves. I took a break and used the polishing charcoal & black sugar gel mask, which helped unclog some of the pores that were beginning to be clogged throughout the day. It also left my skin extremely smooth, for which I did not want to reapply my makeup.

Bedtime calls for the big rinse away! I used the deep clearing manuka honey & tea tree oil clay mask right before bed, and it instantly removed all the unnecessary oils by deep cleaning my pores! I was all set for my beauty rest!

So even when you are busy, check out these few simple masks that make any day your day! 

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