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7 Reasons Arie Luyendyk Jr. was the Worst Bachelor of all Time

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWM chapter.

When Bachelor fans first met Arie five years ago on Emily Maynard’s season of the Bachelorette, he was a kind, cute and shy racecar driver. He quickly became a fan favorite and fans felt his pain when he was sent home by Emily during the season finale. Today, fans no longer feel that pain, they feel anger. Arie was given the chance to be this years Bachelor and well, Arie you have betrayed us. Here is why Arie was the worse bachelor of all time: 

1) On his first date with one of the women, Arie took her HOME to meet his FAMILY

Okay, we know this show is a little extra at times but seriously, why would you bring your date home to meet your parents on your first date!?! And it was Krystal?! Come on, Arie.

2) He proved to us that Peter from Rachel’s season of the Bachelorette was really a better choice to be the Bachelor.

Listen to the fans, ABC!! We could’ve had this gorgeous face and saved oursevles from all this drama. 

3) He told Becca K and Lauren B that he loved them both and manipulated both of them.

We saw trouble coming right then and there. Red flag!!

4) He proposed to Becca K, documented their few weeks of happiness and then publicly humiliated her on national television by having cameras film him breaking off their engagement. 

WHY would you film that?!? WHY would you do that to Becca, that poor girl!

5) He didn’t give Becca K space when she asked him to leave her alone. Instead he sat and stared at her and asked if she was okay.

Do you think she’s okay?!

6) He made former Bachelor Juan Pablo look somewhat decent.

True Bachelor fans know what I’m referring to…never forget. 

7) He brought Lauren B back and proposed to her on national television 24 hours after the world watched him break up with Becca K and proved he really was the most hated Bachelor in history.  

Oh Arie, please just go far, far away.

Well, Bachelor fans have gotten their anger out through social media over this bachelor catastrophe. We would like to wish Arie and Lauren B good luch on their happily ever after, but are begging for them to stay away from cameras if a break up is the best option for them. No one needs to see that! We would also like to wish Becca K good luck as she becomes to the new bachelorette! Stay tuned, we are going to have a fun, flirty and uplifting season with her! Let’s watch her get the “damn thing done!”    

Just a 22-year-old Wisconsin college student with a whole lot of Minnesota pride. You can catch me serving coffee, watching netflix and exploring as many new places as I can.